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Rate-Master® Polycarbonate Flowmeter

Loại sản phẩm: Flow Dwyer

Mã sản phẩm: Series RM Dwyer

Nhà cung cấp: ANS Vietnam

Xuất Xứ: 100% USA Origin

Hãng sản xuất: Dwyer Instruments

Giá : Vui lòng liên hệ

Series RM Rate-Master® Polycarbonate Flowmeter

Gas Flow from 0.05 to 1800 SCFH, Water Flow to 10 GPM

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The SERIES RM Rate-Master® flowmeter line of direct reading precision flowmeters incorporates many unique user features at moderate cost. These low cost flowmeters are ideal for general use.

EASY TO READ DESIGN - The direct reading scales eliminate troublesome conversions. The scales are brushed aluminum, coated with epoxy and the graduations are on both sides of the indicating tube. Special integral flow guides stabilize the float throughout the range to keep it from hunting or wandering in the bore. The float is highly visible against a white background.

CONSTRUCTION ASSURES ACCURACY - All Rate-Master® flowmeter bodies are injection molded of tough, clear, shatter-proof polycarbonate plastic around a precision tapered pin. The result is accurate and repeatable readings. The single piece plastic body is mounted to a stainless steel back bone into which pipe thread inserts are welded to absorb piping torque. Precision metering valves of brass or stainless steel (specify BV or SSV on order) are available as an optional extra and permit precise flow adjustments. For vacuum applications, Series RMA units are available with top mounted valves (specify TMV). The small Series RMA models are accurate within ±4% of full scale reading; Series RMB within ±3%; large Series RMC within ±2%.

Model Description
RMA-1 Flowmeter, range .05-.4 SCFH air, no valve.
RMA-10 Flowmeter, range 20-200 SCFH air, no valve.
RMA-11 Flowmeter, range 30-200 cc/min air, no valve.
RMA-12 Flowmeter, range 50-500 cc/min air, no valve.
RMA-13 Flowmeter, range 100-1000 cc/min air, no valve.
RMA-14 Flowmeter, range 200-2500 cc/min air, no valve.
RMA-150 Flowmeter, range 10-100 cc/min air, no valve.
RMA-151 Flowmeter, range 5-50 cc/min air, no valve.
RMA-2 Flowmeter, range .1-1 SCFH air, no valve.
RMA-21 Flowmeter, range 1-10 LPM air, no valve.
RMA-22 Flowmeter, range 2-25 LPM air, no valve.
RMA-23 Flowmeter, range 5-50 LPM air, no valve.
RMA-24 Flowmeter, range 5-70 LPM air, no valve.
RMA-25 Flowmeter, range 10-100 LPM air, no valve.
RMA-26 Flowmeter, range .5-5 LPM air, no valve.
RMA-3 Flowmeter, range.2-2 SCFH air, no valve.
RMA-32 Flowmeter, range 5-50 cc/min water, no valve.
RMA-33 Flowmeter, range 10-110 cc/min water, no valve.
RMA-34 Flowmeter, range 20-300 cc/min water, no valve.
RMA-4 Flowmeter, range .5-5 SCFH air, no valve.
RMA-42 Flowmeter, range 1-11 GPH water, no valve.
RMA-43 Flowmeter, range 2-24 GPH water, no valve.
RMA-44 Flowmeter, range 4-34 GPH water, no valve.
RMA-45 Flowmeter, range 5-50 GPH water, no valve.
RMA-5 Flowmeter, range 1-10 SCFH air, no valve.
RMA-6 Flowmeter, range 2-20 SCFH air, no valve.
RMA-7 Flowmeter, range 5-50 SCFH air, no valve.
RMA-8 Flowmeter, range 10-100 SCFH air, no valve.
RMA-9 Flowmeter, range 15-150 SCFH air, no valve.

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